On the Road: Beach Resorts Near Mexico City

I’m planning a road trip. And what better place to go than Mexico City — one of the most dynamic cities in the world; it is the largest city and capital in Mexico.

There’s a ton of stuff to do and it’s a great escape from the high altitude around here. A change of scenery from mountains to beaches can be good. Here’s a little history about a nice little resort town I plan to visit this winter.

Many of the Gulf coast beaches are about a 5 to 6 hour drive from Mexico City. Of course, if you fly from to a resort city such as Acapulco, you’ll be there pretty quick.

Speaking of Acapulco

Did you know that Acapulco is one of Mexico’s first resorts on the beach?

It first became popular in the 1920s among the high-faultin’ Mexicans when Acapulco and Mexico City were linked by a road.

It’s popularity increased in the 1950s when Hollywood celebrities flocked to the resort destination.

Twenty years later, Acapulco suffered. New resorts popped up along the Yucatan Peninsula cost.

But by the 1990s, Acapulco tried to revitalize its popularity and it started to rise.

Acapulco’s greatest attraction, I think, was a show I saw at La Quebrada. It featured cliff divers. There were other cool stuff like the Botanical Gardens, San Diego Fort, and the Palma Sola Archaeological site. I won’t forget the beaches.

The Bay of Acapulco offers water sports galore, including snorkeling, diving, and boat trips.

If diving is your cup of tea, head to the shore of Roqueta Island.

I did notice that visitors and vendors crowded Acapulco’s beaches. I found myself doing a little traveling. I headed down to Barra Vieja, then north to Pie de la Cuesta. They were both quiet locations.

What about the resort town of Veracruz?

Veracruz is popular — especially among domestic travelers.
But there are international travlers, too.

If you want to get to a massive celebration in Veracruz, head there 9 days before Ash Wednesday. It is the largest carnival celebration then, with parades, costumes, music, kids activities, dancing, and folklore shore.

If the party is not for you, there are several museums, beaches, a waterfront walk, fortress, lighthouse, and many other attractions.

There is also the option to do a boat tour. It travels out to Cancuncito or the nature reserve Sacrifice Island. You could also head to the mangrove forests. All you need to do is employ a lancha.

Although dining in both cities will be a treat, you may like Acapulco a little more because it is well known for a bustling nightlife.

There are 1st class buses traveling from Mexico City to Acapulco and Veracruz. The routes are toll highways, going from city to coast.

It takes about 5 to 6 hours to go from Mexico City to Acapulco by bus. It takes about 5.5 hours to get to Veracruz.

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10 pickup lines (and tips to talk to girls)

Photo: Elizabeth Ashley Jerman BY-CC-2.0

Photo: Elizabeth Ashley Jerman BY-CC-2.0

I’ve been trying to up my game with the ladies. I’ve always known that a simple one-liner won’t work well when you’re trying to warm up a conversation or simply trying to get a girl’s attention.

The best way is just to talk to women, but I figured I’d look up some of the witty (and stupid) phrases for a good laugh. Here’s a list of those lovely pickup lines. Don’t come crying to me when you get slapped!

1. Dating is a numbers game. [Why?] Give me your number so I can show you why.

2. Here’s my bet for $10. You’re not going to give me your number. Whichever way she reacts, you’ve got a win-win situation there.

When a girl is talking, don’t interrupt her flow of thought. You can try these when she catches her breath and makes a pause. This catchy phrase is meant to suggest that you’re more interested in talking to her and listening to her ideas.

3. Are you talking to me? [No.] Oh, then, please do.
Try lines that tend to humour, flatter, and demonstrate your broad interest in things. In all likelihood, this could start off some response and then smoothly proceed to a lively exchange.

4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you invented the airplane. You look so Wright to me!

5. If I were the jury and you were charged with the crime of being sexy, I’d find you guilty on many counts!

Make fun of pickup lines. Showing that pickup lines are not a big deal demonstrates your self-confidence. Women are most likely to open up to guys with a great sense of humour; they’d feel more relaxed knowing you’re in on the joke by making butts out of pickup lines.

6. I had a really awesome pickup line, but it’s totally slipped my mind now that I’m looking at you.
Don’t be afraid to start hackneyed and corny. They often end with a relaxed kind of fun.

7. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but… I’m actually Superman.

8. Besides getting the attention of every male in this room, what do you do for a living?

9. I really think that we’ve met before. (Now this one’s really cliché.) Was it in high school? I’m sure we had chemistry together.

10. Oh, no, I forgot my phone number! May I have yours?

So there you have it. I’ve presented some pickup lines for your amusement or for you to brush up on. Even if one of these corny lines worked, would you know how to handle approaching a woman you are supposed to be meeting with for the first time? Try a few of these tools on your next outing.

Make her relax with a simple and unpretentious greeting, like “Hey, how are you doing?” Store up on some funny anecdotes to enliven your date. If you run out of things to talk about or get low on your “ploys,” ask for her opinion. For all you know, she’d been trying to give her opinion the whole while. Which up brings this tip – don’t hog the conversation.

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20 random and useless facts that you never knew

For fun, I’ve got a little trivia for you. Here are 20 random facts you probably didn’t know. Let’s dive into the deep end of useless information.

Photo: EvoFlash

Photo: EvoFlash

1. The first contraceptives were made of crocodile manure.

Don’t blame modernization for the use of contraceptives. The Egyptians used the earliest contraceptives way back in 1850 B.C., called pessaries, and these were made of crocodile manure mixed with honey and sodium carbonate. A pessary was inserted into the vagina before a sexual intercourse and this was thought to kill the sperm.

2. Your hair and nails will continue to grow even after you die.

If the lengths of nails and hair of a dead person are measured right after death and compared to the lengths of the same body parts a couple of months later, there will be a significant difference. When a person dies, the skin retracts due to moisture loss. In effect, the exposed length will measure longer.

3. You could be a distant progeny of Genghis Khan.

A genetic study shows that almost 8% of men in the area which used to be the Mongol Empire carried y-chromosomes that are almost identical, suggesting that they could come from the same progenitor. That makes up around 16 million males or a half-percent of the world’s male population.

4. Einstein’s brain is wider than the average brain.

You’ve correctly suspected that Einstein’s brain is different from yours. If you’ve got an average-sized brain, then he had one that was 15% wider and very well-connected. His left and right hemispheres were connected by extraordinarily thick bands, the better to transmit signals more efficiently.

5. Cleopatra was born closer to the year when man first landed on the moon than when the Great Pyramid was built.

You’d think of Cleopatra and the Great Pyramid as occurring within the same timeline. The truth is – Cleopatra was born 2,491 years after the Great Pyramid was built in 2560 B.C. Her birth year was only 1,900 years before man took the big leap to the moon.

6. You can’t smell when you’re sleeping.

Don’t count on your nose to wake you up when there’s fire. When you sleep, it seems your nose is off-duty, too. A 2004 study on human olfaction shows that odors are only detectable by humans in the early stages of sleep but not when they’re fully asleep.

7. Your shimmery lipstick may contain fish scales

Originally, the shimmery substance in lipsticks was made from fish scales. Other sources have been developed to achieve the same effect, but some lipsticks are still manufactured using the aquatic ingredient.

8. Elephants can smell water located at distances of 3-12 miles.

That’s how they survive droughts and long summers.

9. Your eyes do not grow so much from its size when you were born.

Actually, they’re quite the same size. But not your nose and ears! Even if you have reached your full height as an adult, your nose and ears continue to grow and elongate.

10. You’ve been mispronouncing Dr. Seuss’ name!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, actually pronounces his name as “Soy-ce,” rhyming with “rejoice.” Unless he just made it up, like he made up a lot of characters, and you’re correct to pronounce it “S-oo-se.”

11. A crocodile can scare you dead, but it can never stick its tongue out.

That’s because a membrane holds its tongue to the bottom of its mouth. If you don’t believe that, you can check a crocodile’s mouth for yourself.

12. Elephants have menopause.

They’re mammals, after all. Of all mammals, however, only female elephants, humans and the humpback whales undergo this phase.

13. The testicles of a male bee explode after the bee climaxes.

The reproduction process involving bees is quite intriguing and strange. It starts with the selection of a young queen bee. It is fed by worker bees with special jelly. It then goes through a mating flight with over a dozen “lucky” male drones, out of several thousands of eligible male bees. One of the drones then mates with the queen. However, when it reaches climax, its testicles explode and it eventually dies. Pretty bizarre; aren’t you glad you’re not a bee?

14. Turtles can breathe through their butts.

Turtle is one of those marine animals that have evolved with specialized sacs on the inside of their cloaca – the common chamber into which the intestinal, urinary, and generative canals discharge in reptiles, birds, amphibians, and many fishes – that enables them to acquire oxygen out of the water like normal gills.

15. Pirates wear eye patches to adapt to darkness easily.

It’s not because they lost one eye during their battles! The patch helps them adapt easily between light and darkness. Since had to always go up and down ships’ decks, and from daylight to near darkness, they don’t need surprises or unseen enemies.

16. You can’t hum with your nose plugged.

This is easy – just try it!

17. A strawberry is not a berry. A banana is.

In botany, berries are defined as fruits with seeds and pulp that come from one ovary. In that respect, bananas, pumpkins and avocados are berries. Strawberries are clearly not, because the fruit’s pulp does not come from the ovary but from the fruit’s receptacle. Instead, they’re called accessory fruits. How’s that for unlearning what you learned as a child?

18. Five frog species can be frozen, thawed, and then hop to life as usual.

Five species of frogs – the grey tree frog (Cope and Eastern), spring peepers, western chorus frog, and the wood frog – can hibernate underground during winter, thaw the ice and get on with life aboveground in spring.

19. A shark can blink with both eyes. No other fish can do that!

Except for the shark, fish don’t have eyelids so they have nothing to cover or close their eyes with. What the shark has, actually are nictitating eyelids, which are some kind of an eyelid turned upside-down.

20. Butterflies look so gentle; you won’t suspect they’re cannibals!

Call it survivalist instinct, butterfly larvae attack other larvae to eliminate others that might compete against them in the food chain. Researchers observing larvae also found that captive cannibalistic larvae grew faster than their non-cannibal counterparts.

Keep these things added to your arsenal of knowledge, even if they seem useless to you today. Who knows, one of these questions will be thrown your way for a hundred bucks. Then they’ll not be so useless after all.

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